What I know about film, my writing skills and my scripts.

These films were created for the USM Music Department, the USM Art Department and the Pearl River Community College.

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An Art history film focusing on the trials of King Tut.

How Egypt was before the sand.  
Includes a guest appearance by Elvis - on toast.
A documentary film showing the need for safety when instructors use students for work projects.
Not only is this film designed to teach students studio techniques using  GarageBand, but shows students how to use the computer’s voices to read text and how to have it sing your text in a movie and much, much more.
It is designed to be shown in class to students, in order to create a passion for course content.

All are shown from YouTube using ten minute parts.
“The History of Recording.” 

 A music history film made for a music professor to use in the classroom.

What’s Here

 A film about breast cancer.  

A crime drama.  

Yes!  To help remove the stigma surrounding the illness.
A documentary film made for a Music professor to use in the classroom.  This project is about the music business.  “Don’t quit your day job!”  

It covers everything about the workings of the music business including, how to get a recording contract and what to do if you get one, publishing rights with a focus on entertainment law, copyright law, trends of the future, including medical breakthroughs that relate to intellectual property rights, interviews, conferences and much more.
Tempting Torres
Calling All Angels
Teaching U Garageband
Pulp Friction
Project Zero
The Music Business

Note:  All films were designed for instructors to use in the classroom to create passion in students for course content.

A documentary film made for an English professor to use in the classroom.  

This project is about all of the aspects of texting:  The dangers as well as the benefits,
 and where all of this is all going to be in the future. 
Future Text  “A Film About Texting”