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Welcome to our web site.  This site is currently an experiment.  It is designed to perhaps help, any student in my class, to obtain materials rapidly and to get a feel for what it is I am teaching you.

Currently, only information is available for a few classes.  I hope in the near future to have our other classes online.
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Our Anthology Reference Section:  A comprehensive section with information, photos and links concerning all of the authors used in my classes.  You can expect to find anything and everything there - even Google™ maps to historic sites. 

The Author’s Timeline is a phenomenal way to find out about an author.  Videos, exhibits and plenty of other stuff for you to use and enjoy.  A wonderful experience to be enjoyed by all.

Our Blog Page on Facebook
An experiment.  Perhaps in terror.  Please visit us, to see what is new from class to class.

Our Video Playlist.   A comprehensive list of You Tube videos used in class.  Our Spotlight Video of the Semester.  A different viewing experience.  Sponsored by You Tube.

Our Instructions Page.  The materials needed for my classes.  Books, articles, assignments, handouts and online testing.


You may click on any of the buttons on the top of the page to navigate throughout the site.  Also, if you see some text in yellow, it’s probably something you should click on.  Who knows, maybe you’ll learn something.  Like I said, who knows?

Most links you see, will open a new window for you as well, so you won’t get lost.  When finished, just close the window and you’re ready to go.

What you will find here is information about me, my classes, the materials used in my classes, a syllabus, a video section, (as I often use videos in my classes), a current list of books, articles and links to the library and other places like the writing center here on campus, web sites of authors and so very, very much more.

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