class three

From time to time I will show a video or two in class.  Sometimes, I may even ask you to write about it.  I will nearly always ask you to comment on it.  We are currently experimenting in this design with the use of videos from You Tube.

Please confine your viewing to our material in class.  I had to tell you that - it’s my job.  You have been warned.

Currently, we are setting up playlists on You Tube.  How does this work?  Well, let’s say I show you a video about hip-hop, or Alice Walker or some other author or perhaps anything that will be useful to help you learn the material in this class; you would click on the star on the right - and my entire collection of selected videos will appear like magic.  Perhaps, I may even have assignments there as well.  We are not sure yet.
For example, Alice Walker has some 707 videos on You Tube.  You may see the list in a new window by clicking here.  Another example, is that if you type Jill Scott into the You Tube search box, the list contains 10,300 or so.  View the list by clicking here.  So, you see why we want to create our own playlists for the class.

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If this works out that you are achieving great benefit, (like better grades or discussion qualities), we may even have videos from other sources in the future for our class.  Some examples might be, like when we travel abroad or perhaps some small portion of a movie about black writers.  We just don’t know how this is going to work quite yet. 

Note:  Any papers written from You Tube videos, will require the proper MLA citation.

You may obtain more information here.MLA_Help.htmlshapeimage_15_link_0

authors - actors - advocates

HIP HOP (performed )

the reverend pearly brown

segregation - manifest destiny

am i not a man


amistad - supreme court

amistad - ship scene

amistad - panic scene

bullworth - interview

bullworth - luncheon rap

gotta dance

Queen latifah


sister souljah

Zip - A - Dee - Doo - Dah

bullworth - luncheon rap

heartaches & pain

alice walker on children & war

jane morgan - Hip - Hop & Feminism

jill scoTt - DEF JAM